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[TRENDING] Animation CSS3 Effects Visual Composer WordPress !!EXCLUSIVE!!

I was able to remove the vertical animation from the visual composer bakery tab and pageable container components by using this CSS. I had to specify top and bottom css classes depending on the position of the tabs. This example is verbose to show how to over-ride the vertical animating on all popular browsers. Essentially you need to set transform and transition to none on the .vc_tta-panel-body. I wanted to add a custom fade in effect to the panels so I added the fadein animation to the same css classes below the transform and transition over-rides.

[TRENDING] Animation CSS3 Effects Visual Composer WordPress


Impreza is our top pick for online businesses that want to stun their customers with brilliant visuals and buttery animation effects. It's used by 90,000+ websites and has 50+ demos for e-commerce stores, freelancers, and blog owners. Like any great WordPress theme, Impreza also uses a drag-and-drop builder called 'Visual Composer' for effortless real-time design.


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