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Best Store To Buy Knives

Regardless of your style, we have the knife to match your needs. Our online knife store also carries an array of other products such as flashlights, bags and gear, pens, shaving and accessories, eyewear and much more!

best store to buy knives


Our extensive inventory includes some of the most cutting-edge releases in the industry, including custom knives you will want in your collection. In addition, we also offer a vast array of other outdoor-related products. So, whether you are a collector or an avid outdoor sportsman, we have you covered for the knives and other accessories you want.

As knife enthusiasts, we are committed to providing you with the customer service you deserve. If you have any questions about our inventory, our team is happy to answer your questions and help you get the perfect knives and other products you need.

Our goal at Outdoor Edge is to combine functional design with the sharpest, best edge holding steels, state of the art production processes and hand craftsmanship to create the finest quality knives and hand tools for the outdoors and we stand behind everything we make with a Lifetime Warranty.

Any knife with a yellow sticker is carbon steel, while green refers to stainless. Tsubaya appears to have the widest selection available, and allows you to handle most knives without calling staff to open a cabinet. That makes this a great starting point to try out each knife and get a feel for the weight, price and shapes that work for you.

Named after the now-lost forging techniques of Damascus, the best-known pattern, Damascus steel, is formed by layering thin sheets of steel up to hundreds of times to form an impressive wave effect over the surface of the blade. Other effects include pock marks, mirror polishing and engraving patterns, such as cherry blossoms, onto knives. Many of these effects are purely aesthetic. However, some are formed when layers of softer steel are used to coat a central, harder steel. This technique is often used strengthen the knife, providing rust and shock resistance along the non-cutting surfaces.

While I lived in the UK I used to buy them in army surplus stores, but those stores are now an endangered species in the island. Back in Brazil I buy in cutlery fairs, gun or outdoor stores. Knives are like apparel or shoes, we have to try and see if it fits.

My wife is a collector. I am a user. I buy wherever and when ever I find something I want a a price I can pay. I like unusual, strongly built, and unusual handles. All my knives are to be used. I enjoy most brands, if they are quality, and fit my need. My wife likes all things Benchmade, and her working knives are Tops, Essee and a couple of Condors. We buy and sell on EBay, buy from shows, dealers and from the occasional friend. I am considered rather eccentric by my friends as I normally have a multi tool, a small pocket knife, at least one usually two assisted or auto knives and one Fixed blade on me at all times . Habit I guess.

I have purchased knives online but I live about 20 miles from the Benchmade factory and retail store and about 30 miles from Kershaw and sometimes stand in line (long, long, long lines) for Kershaw blems. Works out very well for me. Really like the Benchmade store.

1. The big box stores that offer edc/tactical/hunting/survival knives do it through referrals. Because of political pressure and the cost of labor, you will never see a decent knife in one of the stores, much less be allowed to handle it.

2. Yes, I deal with eBay sellers who have a good reputation on eBay, including the ones you named. If the seller has a low rating few ratings and is offering a whale of a deal, it will be a knockoff and not the real name brand knife.3. Occasionally, a Store like Big5 will have a closeout/sale with a coupon which brings a price down to near internet prices. You will still not handle the knife. The clerk will walk the packaged knife to the cash register.4. Amazon is not an authorized seller for most knives. If you have a warranty issue, it may well not be honored by the manufacturer when it discovers that you bought off Amazon.

Well now that we all know how to properly clean and sharpen a knife, the last and possibly most important is storage. The way you store your knives will have a major impact on how sharp they stay, and how long they last.

Now, all that said, I actually prefer magnets. A magnetic knife strip provides great stability, and allows you to store your knives on a wall, saving counter space while keeping your knives within reach. You may remember my knife strip from our last kitchen and the issues we had. We bought one from Ikea, and it lost its strength after only a couple months. To the point my knives were sliding downward and falling to the ground, which defeats the purpose and is super dangerous. So we upgraded to this guy, and I LOVE it:

We plan on redoing the entire kitchen, and this particular island will be replaced with something that allows more than one drawer open at a time #luxury. But until that time, I simply mounted the magnet to the bottom of the drawer. It was a bit wide so I had to do it at an angle, but I think it actually worked to my benefit, as it accommodates the varying lengths of the blades. The strip holds all of the knives in place, keeping them from sliding around and bumping into everything else, and my knives are always conveniently within reach.

We stock brands like Microtech Knives, Benchmade Knives, Emerson Knives, Spyderco, Kershaw, Gerber, and many others. There are literally hundreds of knives in store ranging from a few dollars to a few hundred. As quality knife dealers, we stock the best pocket knives, hunting knives, tactical knives around. We have it all. You can also shop our online knife store.

Kappabashi Street (かっぱ橋道具街) in Tokyo is also known as Kappabashi Kitchen Town, running over 800 meters (half a mile) with over 170 stores selling all types of kitchenware. It ranges from ramen bowls to pots and pans, Japanese knives, chopsticks, fake food samples and much more.

Finally, in this article, we will give you personally hand-picked recommendations of the best places to shop in Kappabashi along with an easy map with all the stores and useful landmarks, so you can easily find your way around.

Due to different forging techniques and types of steel, Japanese knives usually have harder blades than Western knives, allowing the edge to hold sharpness for a longer time, on the counterside that it makes the blade more vulnerable and less flexible.

Kamata is a family-owned business founded in 1923, passed on from generation to generation, currently on its 3rd generation, Seiichi Kamata. The store is popular among professional chefs, cooking lovers, and tourists that just want to goggle at the masterpieces.