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Brenda Lee Light Pink Fishnet Dress.MOV

Iris is a fair-skinned teenage girl with classic-length wavy blonde hair with bangs swept to the right and a medium-length hair strand resting on her left shoulder, light blue eyes, freckles around her nose, and pale pink lips.

Brenda Lee light pink fishnet dress.MOV

She usually wears a bright pink headband with a big bow on the right side of her head, a pink double-layered strapless, sweetheart top mini dress that reaches slightly below her hips with the first layer in light pink and the second layer in pale pink, dark purple broadband adorned with a dark purple bow around the waist and thick dark purple lining on each layer. and a pair of purplish-brown ankle boots with bright pink straps around the ankles. Around her neck, she wears a white double-stringed necklace with a pink heart-shaped pendant surrounded by a golden heart-shaped frame with a loop. 041b061a72


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