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~UPD~ Download 430K Rar

I don't know if you realise but, the reason it hasn't been flagged is because none of us actually get that issue... it must be something blocking it on your end since I've never had issues when downloading anything from the WRD's exploits page. I even just tried it, which surprise, it works fine.

Download 430K rar

@MrTrippy That has nothing to do with the "site being old"... when your topic is the site I'd expect you to be on the download links on the exploits page, Jon can't really control discord download links going down and other downloads being removed.The error you're getting regarding the discord link is most likely because the server was deleted that the download was on. Now, the thing is the exploits you mentioned aren't necessarily popular anymore... the KRNL link works fine and doesn't give me any error, which KRNL is one of the more popular exploits on the site.Skisploit: Old and rarely spoken about anymore - 3m downloadsDansploit: Never really see anyone on about it - 700k download Kiwi: Had an incident with some IP thing, nobody really trusts it and hasn't spoken of it since. - 430k downloadsThe "admin" (Jon) doesn't spent much time with the exploits page; hence the fact the forum is the home to releases and exploits at this point. The dude has a life and you can't expect him to update every link when it dies.

So, if everyone is 'supposed' to not have any issues, then it can ONLY be that you live in a country that doesn't monitor your internet and block various sites, so to check this, earlier I went to my friends office and used his main computer that's running a VPN set to Switzerland, and yes I could download some of the exploits in the exploits section, I then tried without the VPN and yep, it showed the 'ACCESS DENIED!' style sheet, so, it seems that American IP providers actually monitor the internet and block expoit sites, and hack sites too, but still, this site could still be moderated as a couple of the download sites don't exist and should be removed from this site. 041b061a72


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