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Where To Buy Dominion 2l

For termite control, an average house would need 100 gallon yield, using 4 gallons per 10 linear feet. The exterior perimeter label of Dominion 2L which allows you to focus your treatments where termite infestations are most likely to occur .

where to buy dominion 2l

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While Dominion 2L is one of the best insecticide treatments against Ants and Termites, it also works well on plants against Wooly Adelgids and Emerald Ash Borers. Since Dominion 2L s a systemic insecticide, it is absorbed into the plant through the leaves and roots, where it kills pests from the inside out.

Perimeter Pest Control: Treat soil, turf, or ground coveradjacent to the structure where ants are trailing or may find foodor harborage. Apply to flower, shrub or ornamental plant bedsadjacent to the structure where ants may find food or storage. Tocontrol ants tunneling in soil apply a 0.05% to 0.1% solution as adrench or soil injection at intervals to establish a continuoustreated zone. Treat along the edge of walls, driveways or otherhard surfaces where ants are tunneling beneath the surface. Maximumapplication is once per month. Do not use against native orimported fire ants, pharaoh, or harvester ants.

Dominion 2L is a great product for termite control. When treating slabs you are supposed to drill where the slab meets the house. The goal of any termite treatment is to completely surround your home around the perimeter of the foundation. To get the product against your foundation where you have a slab you should drill through the slab. If you decide to trench around the slab then you will be leaving this important area against the house exposed to termites.

You should definitely use Dominion 2L directly on the termites if you know where they are. You would knock the tubes down and spray directly on the beam. It also does not hurt to drill a hole into the beam and treat into the beam directly. However, the bigger issue is that it sounds like you have subterranean termites which usually enter from around the outside perimeter of the home. You can just spot treat the beam, but the more complete answer is to treat around the perimeter of your home completely. This will serve two purposes. If there are termites in other places around your home you do not know about yet, a full treatment should take care of them. Also, if you treat around your entire home, the Dominion will last for 7 years in the soil which means you should be able to live termite free for the next 7 years. You should read our "How To Do A Termite Treatment" article which explains exactly how you can do just as good, if not better of a treatment than a professional company.

"@context":" ", "@type":"Product", "@id":" -2l-termitcide-insecticide-27-5-fl-oz", "productId": "9727591249", "name": "Dominion 2L Termitcide\/Insecticide - 27.5 fl. Oz.", "description": "DOMINION 2L Termitcide\/Insecticide (Imidacloprid 21.4%) Pests: Subterranean Termites and other pests. Read label for pest list. Not to be used against imported fire ants, pharaoh or harvester ants. Dominion 2L is also a foliar and systemic insect control product. Outside only around homes or commercial buildings. Indoor spraying is limited...", "sku": "Dominion-2L-27-fl-oz", "url": "https:\/\/\/products\/dominion-2l-termitcide-insecticide-27-5-fl-oz", "image": " -2L-27-fl-oz-2T_grande.jpg?v=1611200039", "gtin12":"072693025066", "brand": "@type": "Brand", "name": "Control Solutions", "url": null , "offers": [ "@type": "Offer", "priceCurrency": "USD", "price": "37.77", "priceValidUntil": "2023-03-30", "availability": "InStock", "itemCondition": " ", "seller": "Seed World", "url": " -2l-termitcide-insecticide-27-5-fl-oz?variant=36238932945" ] Customer Reviews Thank you for submitting your review Write a Review Ask a Question Reviews Questions Sort by: Write a Review Name Email Rating Rating 0 One Star Two Star Three Star Four Star Five Star Title of Review How was your overall experience? Do you recommend this product? Yes No Upload Picture Submit Your Review Cancel 1 2 3 Sort by: Ask a Question Name Email Question Submit Question Cancel Ask your Question about this product 1 2 3 Be the first to review this item

The southern chinch bug usually stays active during the winter sheltered around the roots and base of St. Augustinegrass. The southern chinch bug does not need to leave its feeding ground thus the spring infestations often begin where the pest injury stopped the preceding season.

Find the area of damage go to the edge where the dead grass meets the green grass, go in between 1 to 6 inches into the green part and pull apart the grass look through the thatch into the soil area, if there are chinch bugs you will see them running about quickly.

Chinch bugs are now a huge problem because they have developed a resistance to insecticides. In the past the only type of pesticides that where available where contact insecticides usually pyrethroides.

As the name suggests, a soil treatment is the application of liquid termiticide to the ground beneath the footprint of the home. This approach is effective because it kills termites on contact, and creates a very effective and relatively long-lasting barrier around and beneath your home. A soil treatment is performed by mixing the appropriate proportions of liquid termiticide and water. It takes gallons and gallons of each to treat the surface area adequately and penetrate the soil. The ultimate goal is to have the ground completely soaked with this mixture. As you might guess, the time that it takes to complete the treatment is directly proportional to the size of the house. The general idea of this method of application is to treat soil on both sides of the foundation and heavily cover the soil and/or gravel underneath where the concrete slab(s) will be poured (like garages and porches). For houses with a crawl space, the soil around the piers will also need to be treated.

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